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Converting data from Natural Log 8

If you are upgrading from Natural log 8, you can read the Natural Log 8 database into Natural Log 9 via NL9's built in conversion process. (See Important notes regarding NL-8 to NL-9 data conversion below. You must run the reports listed below after the data conversion to verify success.)

For this data conversion to work, NL9-Windows must have direct access to the actual Natural Log 8 Database, or .nld file. This means that

  • NL9 must be able to access the Natural Log 8 .nld file either locally or across a network.
  • You must be aware of the location of your Natural Log 8 database (.nld file).

Note: Doing a Data Backup in NL8 and a Data Restore in NL9 will not work because the backup files are different formats!

Converting NL8 Data into NL9

From the Natural Log 9 Main Screen, click [File][Open Natural Log Database]

Click [Import Database]

Then click [Import Data from Natural Log 8]

Next to the NL8 Database to be Converted Box, click [Browse] to find the Natural Log 8 database, which will be an .nld file. The current location of your Natural Log database is shown when you open Natural Log 8 and go to [File][Open Natural Log Database] in the Data Location field.

  • When you find the .nld file, click [Open].
  • Natural Log 9 will read the name of the NL8 database and display it in the 'Save Converted NL9 Database as' field.
  • Then click [Start Conversion] to begin the conversion of the Natural Log database into your new Natural Log 9.

Depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of data to be imported from Natural Log 8, allow upu to 2 hours for this data import process.


Important notes regarding NL-8 to NL-9 data conversion.

Please note: If you fail to generate and compare the test reports listed below after data conversion, and you later find a problem in the converted data, we will not be able to assist you. Print the reports, immediately compare them, and report discrepancies immediately to Natural Log support before beginning use of Natural Log 9.

1. After data conversion, verify the total balance of your A/R aging reports from both NL8 and NL9. The important issue is for the report totals to match between the 2 systems.

2. After data conversion, verify the 6-month sales projection reports between both NL-8 and NL9.

3. All other reports should match exactly between the 2 systems.





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