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Is Natural Log™ 9 for Windows Bug-Free?

NO we do NOT certify it to be completely bug-free. Due to the wide range of operating environments, hardware, and software combinations in the field, no complex computer program can ever completely bug-free. So NO, Natural Log 9 is not likely to be completely bug-free.

Beta Test
Natural Log™ 9 for Windows has been beta-tested since February 2014 at numerous stations who previously used Natural Log 8 version. We have tested Natural Log 9 to the point that it appears stable and works well at the test stations.

Future Bugs
We will fix bona fide software bugs reported by users in the future and will post patches for you to download as they become available. For that reason it is important that check for updates on a regular basis to be sure you have the latest version of Natural Log 9 for Windows. If your Natural Log computer can access the Internet, just click [Help][Software Updates]from the main NL9 menu to verify if you have the latest version.


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