Natural Log 9 supports:

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows Server 2008 (or later)

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Features in both Natural Log 8 and Natural Log 9

The features listed below are new to Natural Log 9.

    • All NL9 database drivers have been updated to improve speed and security. (The new database format is not compatible with NL8 so a database conversion is necessary. This is free and available from within the NL9 program.)
    • The optional NL9 Network version database is MS-SQL server-based.
    • Newer Installer package fully compatible with Windows 8
    • Newer “quick patch” technology to allow smaller faster downloads of software patches.
    • NL now can receive automatic notifications of software patches and updates and user can install them with the click of a button. [End user can turn off these updates].
    • NL can now receive messages from NL support regarding software issues. [End user can turn off these messages]
    • Internal software components have been updated to latest versions to work with Windows 8.
    • New PDF writer compatible with Windows 8.
    • Instant Online software registration and activation. Users no longer need to submit a request and wait for a key to be returned by software support.
    • Ability to add user-defined ‘custom’ data entry fields to the Customers data table.
    • Customer History will now print lines in same color as displayed on screen
    • e-Order online order entry system is available [by subscription].
    • Option to sort Order-Lines in order display by LineID or date or other columns.
    • Option to sort Order-Lines on printed Order Confirmations by LineID or start date.
    • Option to include Revenue Type on Order Confirmations.
    • Ability to Mass-change all Order-Line data fields. User can apply these mass changes to any selected Order-Lines on the order.
    • During new order entry, the end date will now automatically update to the start date if start date is after current end date. Same for start time and end time. This makes new order entry faster with less scrolling through end dates and end times.
    • Option to automatically apply ‘Other Discount’ based on % of invoice or flat $ amount per invoice issued.
    • Option to automatically apply ‘Trade Credit’ based on % of invoice or flat $ amount per invoice issued.
    • Ability to add user-defined ‘custom’ data entry fields to the Copy Manager data table.
    • Ability to easily duplicate a Copy item [such as rotators or packets]
    • Ability to rename a Copy item [change it’s CopyID after it is created]
    • Copy can be multi-selected to add to rotator
    • When editing a “Packet” can now select [All] or [None] to check or uncheck all options.
    • New Copy window now automatically steps through customers as you type a letter to quickly find a customer to assign the copy to without having to manually scroll through list.
    • Color-coded system designates commercial breaks, stand-alone avails and network avails. Colors can be customized.
  • LOGS:
    • Ability to create new logs by clicking [Next] in Log Editor if the next log is not yet created.
    • In Log Editor product code conflicts now show up in color coded as warning similar to scheduled time errors.
    • Color-coded avail breaks to designate breaks that are good, over-filled, or under-filled.
    • Ability to import network spot schedules
    • Automatic observation of Daylight Savings Time to correctly create 2AM log for “Spring ahead” and “Fall back”.
    • Pre-Billing is now available to generate summary invoices in advance for each month for those customers who bill each month in advance. Since ads haven’t run yet this invoice is based on the broadcast order and does not include actual runtimes. Later after items are run an “As-Run” invoice can be created and attached to the original Pre-billing invoice showing actual runtimes without double-counting the items in A/R.
    • Electronic notary stamp & signature images may now be inserted into Station Certification Text and Notary Statement text portions of invoice/affidavits.
    • CPE codes [Advertiser Code, Product Code, and Contract #] are fully supported for e-Invoicing as separate data fields during order entry.
    • Improved warnings during order entry to prevent errors in Co-Op invoices.
    • More visible warning if logs are not charged through the end of the billing cycle selected
    • Ability to export an invoice to MS Excel file. This requires MS Excel to be installed on the same computer on which NL is installed.
    • Can now print a ‘File Copy’ of all finalized invoices, including those normally emailed or sent to an e-Invoice clearinghouse.
    • Samples of all invoice types are now displayed in the manual and help file.
    • When printing Finalized invoices NL now warns how many invoices were not finalized but not printed and need to be sent via e-invoicing.
    • Ability to add a “flat amount” as a fee on an invoice similar to a tax but as a flat $ rather than a %.
    • Non-Log-Charge items now post when invoice is generated rather than when the log for the scheduled date is generated. Non-Log-Charges can now be scheduled to occur once-per-invoice.
    • Invoices can be exported to Quickbooks.
    • Option to print/attach unpaid invoices when printing/emailing statements
    • Deposit slips (Quickbooks format only) can now be printed from the Accounts Receivable menu
    • Users can define memorized report groups ands assign any memorized reports to these groups.
    • Reports can be exported to MS Excel format with all formatting intact. This requires MS Excel to be available on the same computer on which NL is installed.
    • Reports can now be exported to XML formatted files.
    • Ability to restrict days-of-week on inventory reports.
    • Customer selection tab on reports can now be sorted by CustID or Sponsor name.
    • Duplex [2-sided printing] and color text printing now supported if your printer supports these methods.
    • Log Report can now sort by length
    • New Order Line Preemptibility report specifies orders by pre-emption level and spots per day.


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