Natural Log for Windows has the features most broadcasters need.
When you buy Natural Log you get many advanced features found in Traffic systems which cost 3 or 4 times more!. We don't claim to have every bell-and-whistle imaginable, but Natural Log does have the features needed by most broadcasters like:

  • Compatible with most computer automation systems
  • Network version offers installation/registration for up to 5 workstations on 1 copy of Natural Log
    • Unlimited number of customers
    • Unlimited number of active orders
    • Specified week & Alternating Week Scheduling
    • Specified Time & Time-Class Scheduling
    • Multiple Price & Length spots on same Order
    • Multiple Scripts/Cuts on same Order
    • Multi-Event "macro" scheduling [for linked items like intros]
    • Specified position in spot break allowed [first,last,etc]
    • Dual Product-Type protection
    • Special Log Templates available for sports
    • Special Log Templates can be automatically scheduled in advance
    • Broadcast orders can be linked to Special Log Templates so the order runs anytime the template is scheduled
    • User Specified spotset Fill Sequencing
    • Automatic "Fill-to-Length" spotsets for satellite formats
    • On-Screen Log Editor with drag-and-drop editing
    • On-Screen Log Diagnostics
    • Copy manager with Script Affidavits printed with invoices
    • Complex copy scheduling/substitutions based on day/time, etc
    • Calendar Month / Standard Broadcast Month
    • Weekly / End-Of-Flight / Demand
    • Invoice types: Detail, Summary, Times/Rates, Coop
    • On-Screen Invoice Editor
    • On-Screen viewing of Customer's account, history,etc
    • Customer & Order lists sorted as desired
    • Effective Spot-Rate report for Orders & Salesmen
    • Billing-Error report available before bills printed
    • Aged Accounts-Receivable sorted as desired
    • Account Transaction-Summary [reconciliation]
    • Invoiced Sales & Collections reports with Sales Commissions
    • 6-Month Projected-Sales [booked sales] report
    • 52-week Inventory-Management [avails] report
    • All report layouts can be user modified and memorized for instant recall


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