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Quick Start
This guide, along with our in-program Help menu will walk you through setting up and using the software.
TERMS OF USE:You may install a complete copy of the Natural Music software using the link below and use it in fully-functioning "Demo" mode up to 60 days by clicking [CONTINUE EVALUATION] . After 60 days a purchased license and activation key are required for continued use. Natural Music Software License Pricing

NM 5

Full Functionality

Click the the download button above and [SAVE] the setup file to your local hard drive.
Please do not click [RUN] before download is complete. See installation instructions below.

  1. Click one of the links above.
  2. [SAVE] the setup file to any convenient location where you can easily find it , such as My Documents or the Desktop. Please do not attempt to run this setup file across the Internet.
  3. After it competely downloads [may take several minutes depending on your download speed], click [RUN] or use My Computer to find the downloaded copy of the setup file to start the Natural Music installer.
  4. If you are prompted whether or not to allow the setup file to make changes to your computer during registration, select [YES]. Note: If you are not logged in as Windows Administrator you must provide an administrator password to install the software.
  5. Please do not change any default values during installation.
  6. When you start Natural Music click [CONTINUE EVALUATION] to work in 'Demo' evaluation mode for up to 60 days
  7. If you have purchased a software license, when you start Natural Music you may click [REGISTER NOW] to register the software and obtaing an activation key. Complete the registration form and fax or email to us. You will normally receive the software activation key within 2 hours if sent during business hours, or the next business day if outside of business hours. Please allow us this time to generate and return your software key to you. The software will continue to operate in Evaluation Mode while you wait for the key.
  8. We also recommend that Windows 8 users customize their Windows Desktop in order to facilitate support. Please click here for these recommendations
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