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       Natural Log 8 Updates and Patches------ Latest Version is 8.0.294 ------

Natural Log 8 Revision Notes

Revision Notes:

8.0.294    Released: 04/12/23

  • Started using newer PDF Writer version 5.50 due to failure of PDF Writer version 2.51 in some Windows 11 installations
  • Fix "Error 9 Subscript out of range for report Protected versus Budgeted when this-year or next-12-months period is selected.

8.0.293    Released: 02/07/22

  • fixed error inserted at v8.0.292 causing the existing databackup paths not to load in the treeview of backup/restore, then error 91 Object variable not set when click, [Browse]
  • Fixed spotdata export to limit length of station adv code and agency adv code to 8 characters per spotData, was 10 in NL8

8.0.291    Released: 12/06/21

  • Fixed: User could ADD LOG ITEM onto a NON-BLANK log line, which would properly shift everything on that line [and in the break] down 1 line, BUT then UNDO Add Log Item would NOT restore the original item that was pushed down AND REMOVED items shifted down and also NOT place them in bumps

8.0.290    Released: 12/15/20

  • Fix problem not displaying "Gross" amount on invoice screen with odd fonts selected , WAS printing properly!

8.0.289    Released: 03/04/20

  • Fix error 401, can't show non modal form when printing statements to PDF

8.0.288    Released: 08/01/19

  • Fix error in LogEdit would not allow uncharging of a log, incorrectly said an item had been invoiced

8.0.287    Released: 07/09/19

  • Fix error 94 invalid use of null if you double click on copy rotator or copy schedule line too rapidly with no row highlighted

8.0.285    Released: 01/01/18

  • Add CopyID rename

8.0.283    Released: 10/02/18

  • Fix Computation of package average rates for "level package" billing

8.0.280    Released: 01/01/18

  • Include filler on production order Include filler on missing copy report

8.0.275    Released: 03/18/16

  • Restored InvTaxPct, InvAcctRepPct , InvDiscountPct, InvAgencyPct, InvNatRepPct fields as available report fields for the Invoices-Detail & Payments-Detail reports

8.0.274    Released: 12/10/15

  • Fix "text property is read-only" error if traffic Breowser, Order Browser, Or Copy Browser sort box is set to invalid data field for some reason

8.0.273    Released: 04/14/15

  • Fix problem with TFN and orders that run greater than 5 years reporting incorrect $ on some reports
  • Fix error in computing Weekly billing costs on some orders

8.0.272    Released: 07/14/14

  • Fix Error 9 subscript out of range when logging filler items introduced in 8.0.271
  • Fix Break Errors Tab in LogEditor, was incorrectly counting items if they started 1 second before end of break
  • Fix Statement generator if specific aging was selected was including some statements not qualifying to be printed in the subtotals
  • Fix Filler Logging to better rotate through the available filler items

8.0.271    Released: 05/01/14

  • Fix Filler Logging to better rotate through the available filler items
  • Fix Break Errors display on LogEditor, it was incorrectly counting items if they started 1 second before end of break

8.0.270    Released: 05/22/14

  • Fix Copy Library so that Deleted Copy is not showing under OK status Copy.
  • Fix Error 3265 'Item Not Found in This Collection' when trying to create a new CopyID and duplicate one already exists
  • Add Jazzler automation log

8.0.269    Released: 03/06/14

  • Fix not seeing extra tems run when using Google/wide orbit reconcilation
  • Fix Level Package to ignore currency symbols if user incorrectly enters it
  • Fix A/R transaction browser View Trans button not working
  • Fix Log Template INSERT LINE button stop subscript out of range error if clicked with empty log template

8.0.268    Released: 02/07/14

  • Fix Digilink Xtreme Reconcilation to properly read the TXT logs exported by XTReme
  • Fix Digilink HD and NewWave Reconcilation. were not working at all

8.0.267    Released: 01/16/14

  • Allow Order List reports to be filtered by OrderAmount & OrderSpots
  • Fix Missing Copy Report locking up when orders are running TFN.

8.0.266    Released: 10/04/13

  • Fix Macro item that was displaying incorrect Copy Label
  • Fixed Billing Accrual Report error 383 when customizing report columns.
  • Fix Sort by CopyID in Copy Manager
  • Changed report default font to Microsoft Sans Serif from Arial to properly display on Windows 8
  • Fix Reconciliation with MediaTouch when incorrect Copy Label was displayed
  • Fixed Reportname box staying grayed out after report Log-Detail is generated

8.0.265    Released: 06/26/13

  • Fix NL_Lite was miscounting Orders when trying to create new order hitting 50 order limit incorrectly
  • Fix Weekly Package billing to properly count billable weeks as Mon-Sun for package billing
  • Patches to beta version of new module
  • Fix Weekly package Confirmations to properly count weeks if Order does not start on Monday
  • Add RCS-GSelector/Zetta as automation type with reconciliation


  • Fix Order entry screen problem when stepping through orders was sometimes enabling Order Review/Approval check boxes for incorrect user types
  • Uncheck Order Review/ Approval check boxes initially when duplicating an order so they do NOT inherit from a duplicated orders the review/apporval values and new order must be explicitly approved separately


  • Order Duplication was listing inactive customers
  • Fix Latvian date formatting issues gave RunTime Error 3075 Syntax error in date in query expression


  • Fix e-Invoice error when sorting by anything other than STATION: Error 3061. Too few parameters. Expected 1.
  • Fix "Unable to set the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" when an "evaluation copy" timing registry key is missing
  • Allow Log Browser screen to be user-resized to list more logs
  • Fix Problem could not webconnect to NL website pages if multiple browsers installed on Windows 8


  • Add ability to hide Outlook Email Warnings when batch emailing invoices and statements.


  • Fix Prepayment entry screen to NOT default to TRADE CREDIT if the revenue type starts with T but has 2nd letter. Now only defaults if TRADE is in revenue type name
  • Fix Printing only 1 copy regardless of how many copies selected on Print Selction screen in Windows 7 / Windows 8


  • Fix error 13 "file not found when" trying to register software by email on Win 7/8


  • Fix Subscript out of range error if dragging to clipboard in LogEditor without having cut first
  • Fix Log Generator to properly distribute Linked-Order items to special events if special event runs more than once per day, was overlapping them
  • Add additional PMT methods and fix ability to enter free form text in PmtMethod box


  • Fix Billing Accrual report, was double counting amounts on multi-station orders
  • Fix Projections "when logged" report to properly allocate per spot cost between months when variable or fixed package


  • Fix Data backup to properly do backup when . exists in databasename, was creating empty 1kb zip file
  • Reactivate external data backup warnings


  • Windows 8 Compatibility patches


  • Fix OrderList Detail report to subtotal the OrderAmount Column
  • Fix LogTemplate print to not print event 0100 in the first line of 12AM hour when printing log templates:
  • Fix Missing Copy Report to not show error if Copy StartDate or EndDate is same as report date


  • Fix OrderList Detail report to subtotal the OrderAmount Column
  • Fix Billing to NOT bill Var Package after order is cancelled early


  • Fix Disabled COST box when editing a log item that started v8.0.250
  • Fix Billing to NEVER auto-bill an order with status=HOLD, can still manually bill them


  • Start using CHM help files to be compatible with Windows 8


  • Fix problem introduced in 8.0.247 that causes error order must be assigned to at least one station when new order is created form customer browser
  • Fix Log reconcile force_match issue to stop dropping the CopyID with DA or ZM in automation but without prefix in NL8


  • Fix problem with station order default selection after fix in 8.0.247, multi-station was randomly selecting station to default to rather than deselecting all initially


  • Fix Log Troubleshooter to prperly display the FIND textbox. Was hidden after version 8.0.241
  • Fix error when entering C/P/E in order. It was saying do not use |


  • Fix Agency Setup to properly save changes. It was not saving changes if user clicked Cancel then tried to modify another agency
  • Fix Error in OrderList counting OrderLine Cost for station even if Order Running Station unchecked after inital orderline entry


  • Fix error when entering C/P/E in order. It was saying do not use |
  • Fix Log Troubleshooter to prperly display the FIND textbox. Was hidden after version 8.0.241


  • Fix Invoice was cutting off left edge ater fixing high resolution display settings in v8.0.241
  • Fix Digilink log reconcilation to properly handle filenames with dash in them


  • Add support for C/P/E values in eInvoicing


  • Fix Confirmation TaxName that was inadvertently removed 8.0.227
  • Fix eInvoices bottom comments to not duplicate text if line exceeds 130 characters which CAUSED it to exceed 130 caracters on one comment entry
  • Add Include Revenue Types checkbox on payment processing screen so user can see revenue types of unpaid items


  • Allow user to adjust screen split between left-right panes on browser screen
  • Fix past due messages at bottom of Statements to properly WrapText if no carriage returns
  • Randomize Equal Priority Avails in Log Generator
  • Fix scroll bars falling off screen on Definition monitor settings


  • Fix OpX Automation Logs and reconciliation
  • Fix Digital Broadcast Mediabank Interface and add Log reconcilation


  • Add Ability to REJECT eOrder download
  • Fix Non-Broadcast Invoice print to PDF to include all bills. Was not including invoices for "Email delivery" customers when printing to PDF file
  • Add ability to return to eOrder Import screen after order import if more orders are ready
  • Fix Projections-Detail report to compute OrderSpots and properly display OrderID
  • Fix Order Duplication to auto-set review and status when order copied if NL_Administrator is logged in
  • Fix Log Template Export/Import daily log template to stop Error 381, Invalid Property Array Index if a template is impprted withour specfying a daily template name


  • Competely rewritten LISTEN function to work with automation systems that have multiple files with similar names some audio some not audio


  • Fix Networkspot scheduler to properly list network Avails...randomly was missing some if there was a CP program at same time on another day or station


  • Add Log Template Export/Import
  • Payment ApplyPrepayment to stop error 3020 Update or CancelUpdate without addnew or edit when applying PrePayment to an order


  • Add SS32 reconcilation ability to filter Categories included in reconciliation


  • Fix Randomspots problem started in 8.0.233 that caused an extreme number of bumped spots due to attempting to log too many randoms spots into same day.
  • Fix Error 3421 Data type conversion error on Non-Broadcast billing creator if the default Account Rep is set for an Inactve account rep
  • Added ability to transfer complete account history to new account rep when changing account reps on cust account
  • Add Deyan Automation [TV]




  • Fix Prophet NexGen AutoLoad special file naming added added in 8.0.231
  • Add eMediaTrade electronic invoicing support


  • Add Prophet NexGen AutoLoad special file naming
  • Fix Tools/Reminders not working from Main Menu on version 8.0.230


  • Fix OrderList-Detail report to properly list Product field for Non-Broadcast orders
  • Fix Error 3265 Item not found in this collection if Projections report run without including account rep in sort
  • Fix problem in statement generator added about version 8.0.220 that was showing different amounts due at top and bottom of Open-Item statements due to counting APRE transactions aging


  • Fix Agency Statement Browser "error 3061 too few parameters" when clicking EMail invoices
  • Fix CopyMgr LISTEN to look in saved Audio File Path for audio cut rather than having to specify it each time. Remembers last audio file path and assumes audio cuts are there until changed by users.


  • Fix Sales projection-comparative to properly insert % change column. Was inserting 0% on all
  • fix Invoice printing problem. Was showing Unwired Network Commission deducted from invoice
  • Fix confirmation and projections to properly count weeks if level billing with no schedules. Was $0
  • Add Hardata - Dinesat automation
  • Fix Sales projection-comparative DETAILS report to properly match the numbers on main parent report. Was using wrong date ranges not checking for billing cycle cutoff dates on
  • Add Digital Broadcast MediaBank automation


  • Fix Create New Copy to not crash if customer tries to store more than 20 characters in CopyID field in Copy Manager
  • Fix product code setup to not allow user to set protection type to NULL by setting protection type to blank. NONE still permitted.
  • Add ability to mass change some Order-Line fields
  • Fix BalForward statement to properly account for reserved prepayments


  • Add Wide Orbit automation interface using SS32 formatting
  • Fix Production Order to properly show individual lines of rotator if placed within packet
  • Add Skylla automation


  • Add blank line after subtotals on Order Rates-Summary report
  • Fix View Order and View Error detail on Projections report werent working
  • Add blank line after subtotals on Projection vs Actual report


  • Fix error in CopyMgr "invalid use of () !..." when trying to filter by CUSTID
  • Make customer subtotals in Log Times report bold and insert line after


  • Add [mm] [dd] [yy] [yyyy] auto-date formatting options for log
  • Fix Data Transfer / compaction to exclude unbilled logged items over 1 year old
  • fix error introduced in 8.0.220 that causes "PENDING ORDER" with a reserved prepayment amount to show on statements with no prepayments
  • Allow editing of Non-Broadcast Orders until Invoice is closed
  • Save changes made to non-broadcast invoices to the underlying order too


  • Fix statements so they show reserved prepayments as not available to offset invoices from other orders
  • Fix Order Duplication to properly update AcctRep Commission when an ordered copied between different account reps with different commission defaults
  • Add network spot "quick edit" mode broken in 8.0.219
  • Sort by CustID was not working on reports
  • NVerzion automation support any SOURCE and STARTMODE user enters


  • Fixed error causing duplication of existing network LogItems if item is edited. shows up in Automation log multiple times
  • Add nVerzion Automation interface


  • Add AudioVault Flex Reconcilation
  • Fix Order Summary List report to properly put Sponsor and Product in correct columns


  • Fix email rotators/packets from copy manager. Was not returning focus to screen and had to reboot.
  • Fix LogPrint to not insert lines on new page when [PageBreak] is used


  • Add Autoplus automation and reconciliation
  • Fix EInvoices to properly set BAND as blank when NON-Radio mediatype is selected.


  • Fix Order List-Detail report to exclude OrderID, Order Amount, Order Spots as possible columns since they are invaid for that report
  • Fix bug in Log editor which allowed user to "Add Log Items" from orders in Inobox, Hold, or unapproved orders
  • Fix Transactions report to allow any column to be first, was required Sponsor first
  • Fix not tabbing to RevenueSource box on customer entry screen
  • Add OpX automation


  • fixed Inventory Report, was not counting some Order-Lines on large orders with many Order-Lines
  • fixed Billing was not including READY invoice if an invoice from a prior month was "reissued" in the current month on same order


  • Add Spartamation automation renamed from EZ-2000
  • Fix Win7 64 bit email/pdf issues
  • Fix Error 381 Invalid property value when emailing statements
  • Fix Error 6481 invalid row in Billing if no bills are found when you click [Get Invoices]


  • Fix Report details were showing empty when you click on a summary report record [started 8.0.205]
  • Fix Log AddItem to properly pick up the label of the actual copy when using a rotator instead of the copy rotator label.

8.0.210    Released: 04/23/10

  • Remove bracket prohibition from textbox entries added in 8.0.207


  • Fix problem "do not use [or] character in the Find Box" when trying to open or edit Rotators, Packets, or copy Schedules. Introduced in 8.0.206


  • Fix Reports, Customer Labels and Envelopes were not printing after v8.0.203
  • Filter out the | character from textboxes like double quotes to prevent syntax error in SQL query


  • Fixed Problem in reports first "Group Subtotals Box" was not enabled after version 8.0.203
  • Fixed error in Projections summary report "Error 9 subscript out of range" when sorting by AcctRep, then Station, then Sponsor, Sponsor subtotals not checked.
  • Fixed DDS e-Invoices because DDS said "Net" includes tax even though their documentation does not say so.


  • Fixed Error 3075 Syntax Error when generating activity log for a customer started in v8.0.203


  • Fixed Preview Statements not working at all after version 8.0.200
  • Fix Prophet reconciliation to get proper Station-ID for reconciliation filename


  • Fixed "error 3016 too few parameters" in Agency Statement module started in v8.0.200
  • Fix error 3021 No Current Record when clicking on empty reminder screen


  • Add Projected vs Budget Projection Report
  • Prevent entering a negative non-broadcast invoice
  • Add affidavit/notary statement to electronic invoices when affidavit invoice type is selected
  • Fix Balance forward statement aging to age Prepayments applied the same regardless if Open Item or Balance Forward


  • Fix lockup when you Add Copy Schedule, then Append, Then Create Rotator , then append to rotator, endless loop
  • Fix log generator random spots to only count spots run during this week on this station...was counting all stations so was shorting week on multi-station orders
  • Fix Order Confirmation to properly count Macro spots
  • Fix problem introduced in 8.0.199 that stops mail labels report, mail merge report, or any report lacking Sponsor column from displaying any data
  • Fix report design form to prevent user from illegally removing the "Sponsor" column using the REMOVE button


  • Fix non-broadcast invoice generator to properly default to the Bill-Cycle of the customer selected
  • Fix Error 9 subscript out of range on Log Report if not Summary Report
  • Fix memorized report browser to stop "Cannot find screen display..." error when trying to view memorized finance charge or Aged-Collections reports
  • Fix Error 5 Illegal Function Call in Missing Copy of memorized report if Sponsor column was removed.


  • Make Enco DADPro32 Multi-Library open DBF files not in 8.3 file naming


  • Fix invoice to properly show level package pricing was showing $0 since version 8.0.195


  • Fix random scheduling if more than 1 week and enddate not Sunday, was not confirming or scheduling spots properly
  • Fix random scheduling was counting items with EventID=-2 as run when they were just copied to clipboard and abandoned


  • Fix Smartcaster Automation log to stop Error 9 Subscript out of range if BreakNum is not explicity set


  • Fixed Customer Edit screen to stop locking Order/A-R/Copy display selection boxes on screen when logged in as "read-only" user
  • Added code to ignore Inactive accounts when computing "next Available CustID" in case they accidentally enter a very large number
  • Fix Average Rates Report to properly show grouped subttotals for last groups on report when sorted by Revenue type/station
  • Fix Cust Browser to properly compute last_active_dates
  • Fix Finance Charge computation to stop error 9 Subscript out of range when last StationID is inactive
  • Fixed frmBilling to stop rebilling Variable pkgs @ month end if they are billed manually early in the month
  • Speed up the transferDB in Data compaction module


  • Fixed error 3138 Syntax error in ORDER BY clause in Cust List report when sorted by CustID
  • Fixed to stop Error 3265 item not found in collection if Cust field is included in Projected vs Actual projection report
  • Changed back from change made in 8.0.191 in Smartcaster log to properly set SKIP in first spot of 1st break if BreakNum is assumed otherwise set first spot to 99999 if Break Marker IS present but break is empty


  • Fix error in Smartcaster Automation log that was putting 99999 in first break of hour if unused [should be SKIP]. Started after v8.0.165
  • Expand Revenue TypeID to 2-characters


  • Fix Billing to make cancelled invoices or skipped months reappear as Pending or Ready if an invoice was cancelled and/or moved to a future month
  • Fix agency list reports to make Agency IDB appear in proper column
  • Fix problem with No Order-Line orders showing up for sponsorship reports if an Avail-Type or Template-Link is selected.

8.0.189    Released: 07/01/09

  • Fix Memorized Reports OrderList-Detail to be selectable from Memorized Reports List. Previously gave error message that the report was not an available report type.

8.0.188    Released: 06/04/09

  • Fix bookends item count issues on new logs was only logging half as many spots per week as ordered if Random Scheduling was used, also billing error list fixed to reflect this change

8.0.187    Released: 05/08/09

  • Fix Network spots to copy and paste copyID properly, was leaving them blank if you copied lines
  • Add PmtMethod as sort field for Payments Reports
  • Fixed error 6148 Invalid Row if user clicks on empty grid in Report Memorize naming dialogue

8.0.186    Released: 04/10/09

  • Change the = to & conditions of Logtext to match hh:mm instead of hh:mm:ss to allow different seconds to trigger the = to & usage Problem
  • Add display of both Product Code names in Log display when 2 Product Codes are entered on order. Was only displaying Product Code numbers if more than 1 was entered

8.0.185    Released: 03/19/09

  • Fix Order report problem when-logged vs when invoiced was the same for orders with orderlines
  • Fix problem introduced in v8.0.183 not printing orders for Order-Detail report
  • Fix problem intorduced in v8.0.177 that caused the pkg priced orders with no orderlines to NOT appear on projections-when logged.

8.0.184    Released: 02/19/09

  • Fix not displaying PREpayment transactions when double-click on Transactions-Payments Detail report
  • Fix problem introduced in v8.0.183 that caused the "Compress Log Print" and "Hide Automation Commands" setup check boxes to have no effect on the printed log
  • Fix Billing issue when Special Cycle selected and invoices already run for a period after the selected period, would still show up as pending if package priced.


  • Fix Filler to NOT adjust time separation required for filler lines to stop them from logging closer than required separation if a bunch are allowed
  • Fix problem with Log templates and special events not pushing events down properly.
  • Fix "Syntax error" when trying to get Final Invoices for Special billing cycles
  • Fix Order List-Sponsorship report to exlcude orders with no orderlines
  • Enhance Product Code deletion to remove from customers,orders,invoices
  • Fix Network Spots always showing up as copy errors if the copy is assigned to a customer in copy manager
  • Fix Hide/unhide bump problem in log editor
  • Fix Log Preview to properly populate the grid dislay without having to scroll down if log compression is turned on
  • Fix "Revenue Source" sorting in dropdown box on Customer Entry screen

8.0.182    Released: 02/05/09

  • Fix EInvoice form dropdown menu to correctly show SELECT rather than SEND
  • Fix Revenue Source Sorting in dropdown box on Cust Entry screen
  • Fix Hide/unhide bump problem on leg editing screen

8.0.179    Released: 12/23/08

  • Fix OrderDetail Report to include orders with no orderlines and fix date range issue with orderlines
  • Fix memorized Statement List does not show up in Memorized reports [should not be there]
  • Add eInvoice for DDS - MediaOcean Invoice Manager
  • Fix Projection "when logged" report to properly allocate pkg order rates across calendar months
  • Fix LogItemedit to update the log description if the copyID is edited
  • Fix small box on upper left of "about" screen to properly display the error-log when clicked
  • Stop importing + in front of cart numbers from NL-DOS database
  • Create interface for StationPlaylist automation
  • Fix problem introduced after 8.0.163 that makes Inventory report with spots distributed on future logs use the same time for all spots rather than distribute them
  • Fix Electronic invoicing package to properly display a rate for the package was showing nothing
  • Fix Error 383 "text property is read only" in View Customer Logtimes box of Log editor when using Non-US regional time formats
  • Fix "Error 383 Text Property is Read Only" that startred with version 8.0.178 when opening Setup/Log Page
  • Create reconcile for Maestro Automation
  • Fix OrderEdit, InvoiceViewSettings, PrepmtCreate screens to NOT display Inactive Account Reps in dropdown selection box
  • Fix Electronic invoices to allow users to select which invoices are sent.
  • Add ability to reconcile and force-match bumped items from any log
  • Fix LastPaymentDate, LastPaymentAmount, LastActive in Reports to properly consider the station[s] selected, was considering payments for all stations even if less than all stations selected
  • Create reconcile for Digital Universe Automation

8.0.171    Released: 10/22/08

  • Fix Encoda/Spotdata electronic invoices to stop putting "spot" in credit column
  • Fix Electronic invoices to allow users to select which invoices are sent.

8.0.170    Released: 03/19/08

  • Fix Missing Copy report to properly report Copy Schedules as not missed
  • Fix Error 6 Overflow when generating Statments if the customer name included an invalid character such as %

8.0.169    Released: 03/06/08

  • Fix Invoiced sales report to include the InvoiceID column when added by user
  • Add ISCI code to CopyID caption on invoices
  • Fix Non-Broadcast order, to properly save the agency% so the NET projections are correct. Was dividing by 100
  • Fix Projections report not properly totalling goals when some stations excluded
  • In Copy Packet/Rotator Editor, stop new date selection from resetting the EndTime to 12:00:00 AM
  • Fix Log generator to properly test stand-alone avails for proper length if a length is specified as was done in NL-DOS
  • Add DALET automation reconciliation
  • Fix problem with advanced filters, was using only first Filtertype and filtervalue when using multiple lines of advanced filters
  • Fix Transaction report to include PMTDATE as column
  • Fix STORQ reconciliation to correct length in "extra Items" list when STORQ length was 1:01.?? it would not pick up minutes and show length as :01
  • Fix "Error 3072 Statement too Complex" when trying to display linked orders for a special event template if too many orders are linked
  • Fix log conversion for AudioVault to stop sending text lines
  • Add test for packet restrictions to prevent Enddate before Startdate, etc when setting up packets
  • Fix problem in Log Report when reporting all stations was double-counting COST when a PKG price
  • Changed commission rate when saving "Non-Broadcast" order in Non-Broadcast invoice to properly save Rates. Was causing an issue on Projections NET since agency rate was divided by 100

8.0.168    Released: 02/13/08

  • Update PDF printer driver to Windows-Vista-compliant version
  • Update data folder to Vista-compliance
  • Fix problem in LogEditor when manually placing a bump from another day then if you delete the edited log the manually placed spot does not go back to bumps, it vanishes.
  • Fix NLDOS data conversion "error 6 overflow" when Discount is invalidly large

8.0.167    Released: 09/27/07

  • Fix A/R reports that will not memorize added columns
  • Fix Billing/Tools/Pre-Billing script status report "error 94 invalid us of null when the default order had "InvoiceScripts" selected
  • Fix Log Report to properly Display OrderID column if added
  • Fix Order Entry screen to properly updaste after a new Product Code, New account Rep, or New RevenutType is added on-the-fly from that screen
  • Fix A/R Reconcilation report, was including an inactive customer if it was the LAST one on the report
  • Fix AXS automation log reconciliation, was only reading half of the ALG log

8.0.166    Released: 08/07/07

  • Add Digilink XTreme interface for new as-played log
  • Fix Export of Customer Account History to properly save dates
  • Fix "Mass Change" menu not enabled in InvoiceViewer when you click [Select All]"
  • Fix NL-DOS=>NL Windows data conversion to incluide times on *^ avail slots
  • Fix Non-Broadcast Billing NEW invoice form to not include inactive accounts in list
  • Fix error "Error in frmBillingElectronic_WriteInvoiceTotalRecord" if Gross amount of invoice is 0
  • Fix Missing-Copy-Report to exclude NLC orderlines
  • Stop the word TRIAL from appearing multiple times on 2nd+ page of trial invoices.
  • Fix Error in projections report that incudes ALL Account Reps in report goal totals even if only less than all accunt reps are selected for report
  • Fix error in frmAutomateLog that would not automativally open BREAK1 for first item in the hour like NL-DOS did...
  • Fix Error in Billing-Broadcast Bills "Ordered" column incorrect for Macro, counts total line cost for each macro item
  • Fix LogEditor problem if bumped rottaor item is added to log, the Descriotipon stays rotator description instead of desired actual Copy descrtiption

8.0.165    Released: 06/19/07

  • Fix error introduced in v8.0.164 in which non-reviwer could not enter or edit an order even before it was reviewed

8.0.164    Released: 04/20/07

  • Fix error in filtering of reports and A/R in which BALANCE was treated like alpha rather than numeric
  • Fix Problem in LogReport in which Linked items with pkg prices were not prorated properly.
  • Add Matco Video Server Automation log
  • Fix Problem in which Non-Reviwers were allowed to edit orders after review evben if prohibited in Setup/Program options
  • Add documentation for Raduga automation

8.0.163    Released: 03/30/07

  • Fix CP/CPN in Macros should not be allowed but was being allowed
  • Fix Avail-Priority log generation test to properly exclude low priority avails during early log generation passes.
  • Fix SAMPLE print of Production Order & Order Confirmation to be printable
  • Fix error introduced in v8.0.162 that causes copy-rotators, copy-packets, copy-schedules to not schedule on the date they expire
  • Fix AvailPriority test to properly exclude avails durinbg early passes...was not being tested since version 1
  • Fix error introduced in v8.0.162 that causes copy-rotators, copy-packets, copy-schedules to not schedule on the date they expire

8.0.162    Released: 03/05/07

  • Fix rounding error in Adjustments so you can now adjust off a fraction of a cent
  • Fix Projections report to fix no goals being reported when running "Custom dates" report
  • Make NL8 default to windows default printer paper-size when print dialog opens [for Non-US users]
  • Fix Aged Collections report "Item not found in collection" error started in v8.0.159
  • Fix Mass Changer problem, selection would disappear when you select Revenue-Source item
  • Fix Projections report goals were printing on next page when group page-break is selected
  • Fix Error in "Projected - Versus - Actual" report when a Macro is used, was counting total line cost for each macro item
  • Allow user to extend Order Run-Dates during Line entry
  • Fix Problem in Cust Billing History Report...was not showing NET when NET was chosen and if there was a non-agency DISCOUNT applied
  • Fix Billing to NOT automatically bill Demand billing when all billing cycles is selected.
  • Fix Voice Codes not loading in drop-down box when creating new CopyID
  • Fix "Error 3061 too few parameters" in Payments - Detail Report when you advance filter on PmtAmount
  • Fix Myriad automation to match new log format used by current Myriad automation version.
  • Fix problem started in 8.0.159 that leaves Pre-Payments off payments report
  • Fix Adjustments Report to NOT include FIN charges as adjustments started v 8.0.157

8.0.157    Released: 02/19/07

  • Fix TFN Order Confirmation dates was starting 2 years in future after v8.0.152
  • Fix Billing Report to properly count Billable Macro items when counting the "ordered" amount
  • Fix Adjustments Report to not double the OTHERADJ column and properly total
  • Fix Projection Report was including Inactive Account Reps
  • Fix Missing Copy report was showing deleted copy as on hold
  • Fix Bulk Contract report to properly count "Orders Placed"
  • Fix Error 13 type mismatch if put invalid time during Commerical Item editing on the log.
  • Add date and time filters on Log report
  • Allow user to deselect DAYS for special event linked order-lines
  • Fix Bulk Contract report Error "# parameters expected" when running Bulk Contract report by Invoices Issued
  • Add Copy Instructions for copy manager
  • Fix odd cents rounding on NET projections report and Log Report due to incorrect rounding of agency commissions on report only. Did not affect invoices.
  • Add ability to filter LogReport by days and times
  • Fix Error "Item not found in collection" when running Projections Summary or Comparative in some circumstances

8.0.152    Released: 10/25/06

  • Fix Error "Error 380 Invalid property value" introduced in 8.0.151 when confirming TFN orders

8.0.151    Released: 08/28/06

  • Fix "Error 3265 Item not found in collection" when some users update from a version before 8.0.139 to version 8.0.149
  • Fix Error in frmOrderConfirm to stop "Error 380 Invalid property value" if Order Start-Date > 2 years in future
  • Fix Error in Comparative Projections Report....+/- $ column was wrong but % change was correct
  • Fix Error when changing "pending invoice" date range, thinks last log charged is 12:00:00 AM
  • Fix STORQ log reconciliation to read up 5 digit cut numbers...was 4 digits

8.0.150    Released: 08/25/06

  • Fix "Error 3265 Item not found in collection" when some users update from a version before 8.0.139 to version 8.0.149

8.0.149    Released: 08/14/06

  • LogReconcile for MediaTouch changed to consider run_Dur vs Sched_Dir when STATUS=Killed
  • Add Canceled as order status
  • Fix Log Editor not displaying/Printing text-line length > 60:00 properly was printing seconds
  • Fix Missing Copy report to properly consider copy schedules was not considering the change dates properly
  • Fix Tax report to properly report taxable amounts on prepayments...sometimes showed taxable as all prepayment
  • Set reports Sub-Total in proper column even if the first report column is not "sponsor"
  • Fix Invoice Generator to fix PKG invoice when no items run to properly add package price when times or times/rates invoice selected
  • Fix projection detail report to exclude -999999 customer subtotals
  • Filter Waitt Radio STORQ as-played log for categories and remember last extension
  • Fix problem in Log-Editor when editing an AV-Air log with avails...was duplicating EventIDs if you Add_Log_Item to an existing AV-Air avail line
  • Fix Customer Browser to properly translate Account Rep Customer IDs.
  • Remove ability to create new logs out of sequence by clicking and un-clicking TRIAL log checkbox
  • Fix email Error 2 when sending email confirmations report from Order-List report
  • Fix RDS Phantom reconcile filename to remove the | after AM or FM if play log filename
  • Fix Bulk Contracts not showing up in Bulk Contract viewer under Customer Edit screen
  • Fix COOP split invoices when a Package price is specified to display th3e avg cost/spot on the COOP portion of invoice split
  • Fix AVAir LTX file to filter out "error coded items" that did not play properly
  • Add Accrual setting in Projections report
  • Fix Macro Order-Line display in order editor to properly display copy-IDs for macros
  • Fix Error in Invoice-View when creating a new invoice and a pending prepayment was processed with v8.0.132, the PMTID may be wrong and no offsetting DR is made against the prepayment continues every month thereafter!
  • Fix problem in which order line items linked to special events would run the specified # times PER DAY [not per special event] if a special event was scheduled more than 1 time per day.
  • Fix DCS automation log to make first spot in break # 01 instead of # 00
  • Fix projections report Comparative to correctly compute last year when weekly or broadcast month billing. Was not considering proper dates.
  • Fix error in Apply Prepayment to a pending invoice if the prepayment belonged to another Customer ID, and the actual Customer ID had no matching orders, could get "no current record" error.
  • Fix Taxable amount to be saved if Prepayment TAXID is edited
  • Add sort by "product codes" in transactions reports
  • Fix Invoice generator to properly print TRC credits...was listing them as PRE-paid applied on printed invoice
  • Fix AXS 1/2 automation log reconciliation. Was not recognizing numeric cut numbers as being equal ...0001 not equal to 001

8.0.140    Released: 08/11/06

  • Fix Invoice display-print to properly display Time-Only invoice...after v8.0.135 was listing [Package] as the price for the last row on every Times-Only invoice
  • Fix Invoice display-print to properly display Time-Only invoice...after v8.0.135 was listing [Package] as the price for the last row on every Times-Only invoice

8.0.139    Released: 04/12/06

  • Fix frmInvoiceView Times Invoice Totals was putting [Package] in rate column for package line item causing $0 invoice to be printed if nothing else ran.
  • Fix problem in Agency Statements Browser, Preview button not enabled when an agency statement is selected
  • Fixed Error in frmLogDelete that could delete items from already-issued Non-Broadcast charge invoices that occur on the same date as the log
  • Fix problem in Log Report if saved report format, the log report StationID was for the saved StationID not the log StationID
  • Add ability to remember last user logged in
  • Allow Copy Rotators within Copy Packets
  • Fix problem in Agency Statements Browser, Print Statement button printed CustID 0000 statements for all agencies
  • Fixed Error in frmInbvoiceView when saving Coop-Invoices, was not saving COOP field from CopyManager so "final" invoices were not printing COOP correctly
  • Fix EZ-2000 log to properly clear the event log
  • Fix Audiovault reconciliation to look for COM and CML categories
  • Fix problem in Inventory report in which reported spot sold are incorrect if the log date is inside order run-dates but outside line run-dates
  • Fix problem in Log Report if saved report format, the log report was for the saved date not the log date
  • Fix AGENCY Statement E-Mail to properly use the Agency Invoice Email address
  • Fix AV-Air &0000 Avails not being recognized as an avail when editing log
  • Block viewing of passwords
  • Fix Raduga automation log EVENT_#
  • Fix with 200+ event single-hour log templates getting mixed up when starting on 1/2 hour
  • Fix "error 13 type mismatch in frm_CalendarSelect" when you open Billing-Weekly the 2nd time without leaving program
  • Fix Order Package price editor to properly ignore $ typed in cost box
  • Fix frmInvoiceView to properly save the COOP field so saved COOP invoices would properly print, it was printing them all as the entire invoice if COOP was blank
  • Add specific Data-Restore User permission

8.0.133    Released: 04/11/06

  • Fix failure to save changes after [Cancel] is clicked once in Copy-Manager editor