Natural Music 5 Updates and Patches------ Latest Version is 5.0.293 ------

Natural Music 5 Update instructions    

  • [SAVE] the setup file to your local hard drive
  • After the file downloads, [RUN] the downloaded file TWICE - 1st time [REMOVE] old version then 2nd time normal installation
  • After the update/patch installer finishes, reboot your machine. Restart Natural Music 5 and click [Help][About Natural Music 5] to verify that you have the latest version: 5.0.293

Revision Notes:

5.0.288    Released: 02/20/20

  • Fix Error 3070 when deleting song 'Songs.SongID' is not a valid fieldname... started in 5.0.285 or 286


  • Fix SongID could refer to more than one table in songbrowser if SongID is displayed as a column
  • Add DJB Zone [like DJB Radio] automation


  • Fix Runtime Error 13 when trying to create a new Categiry during song entry


  • Adds Jazler RadioStar log reconciliation
  • Adds RCS Zetta log reconciliation

5.0.283    Released: 02/28/19

  • Add PlayoutONE automation log
  • Fix Recycle time error when regional settings are set to HH:mm:ss

5.0.282    Released: 05/03/18

  • Arrakis New~Wave automation: Merge traffic / music logs during log export as required for this automation interface

5.0.281    Released: 12/08/17

  • Fix error when an hour has no clock "MusicTotals.HourClockID can't be zero length string introduced in v5.0.280
  • Fix error 4242 'Object Required' when clicking on clock name in log statistics which was added in v5.0.280
  • Fix WireReady import to include ISRC, year, album fields and fix WireReady log reconcile to always read only 8 character audiocut

5.0.280    Released: 12/04/17

  • Display the ClockID's and Clock Grid name info on log statistics tab in music log editor
  • Fix problem when adding new category from song editor. Min Song rest dropdown was shown as 'cboRest' rather than valid default value.


  • Fix problem when song is open in song browser: click [Delete] [Cancel] but song was still being deleted

5.0.278    Released: 05/07/17

  • Add support for Synchronicity Automation

5.0.277    Released: 03/17/17

  • fix 'error 9 subscript out of range in SaveCatSongs' if first Catgory has no songs...error began v5.0.275


  • Fix preexisting issue where recycled hours 'maxmusic' was not being properly set if recyled hours within same music log
  • FIX problem introduced in 5.0.275 checkbox was deleting all optional slots even IF USED!


  • Add checkbox to allow use to discard optional song slots from edited log [5.0.271]


  • Add MediaTouch 32 Log Conversion


  • Allow viewing and deleting songs from alternate songs table in music log editor
  • Improve Data repair: tests for missing artist songs [that don't appear in browser] and assigns them to "No Artist" so they will appear in browser and can be deleted if desired
  • Add NPR Digital services report

5.0.271    Released: 02/18/16

  • Fix error introduced in version 5.0.268 that broke the ControlReady/MusicReady automationm log export
  • Fixed AV-Air reconcilation to allow [ALL] as a valid category to include
  • Show unused optional song slots in log editor

5.0.270    Released: 02/07/16

  • Add Autoplus Automation support

5.0.269    Released: 11/02/15

  • Fix Error Rotating packets if they are used in both "Regular" music categories and "Countdown" categories which can cause some packets not to play.

5.0.268    Released: 10/01/15

  • Fix Error in music source numbers when Merging traffic and music logs for BTSG-Gen IV Automation

5.0.267    Released: 08/20/15

  • Fix Erro when writing "spreadsheet" files, was creating a flat text file instead of the required CSV file.
  • Fix Ruleset export to properly default to CSV output file.
  • Fix Error 'Rules.RuleID can't be a zero-length string' when importing a Ruleset with a 'Theme' rule.

5.0.266    Released: 03/11/15

  • Fix Daily Song Shuffle - was sometimes not shuffling on very small categories

5.0.265    Released: 12/04/14

  • Fixed problem reconciling Digital Jukebox play log when NM5 sources have less than 5 digits.
  • Fixed a problem with some packets in which some songs in a packet were not being played at all

5.0.264    Released: 05/28/14

  • Add Jazzler Automation Log export

5.0.261    Released: 01/23/14

  • Fix Reconcilation for Arrakis HD and New~Wave
  • Add AV Schedule Build (AV Flex) automation and reconciliation
  • Add Special Show Categories

5.0.260    Released: 10/23/13

  • Repair issue with packets that was incorrectly logging some packeted songs.

5.0.258    Released: 07/17/13

  • Fix Artist display on song browser and printed log to include up to full 100 characters rather than limited to 40
  • Repair software keying to allow user to re-register if the software key is damaged. Was just ending the prorgam not allowing re-registering


  • Fix Latvian date formatting issues when changing music categories gave RunTime Error 3075 Syntax error in date in query expression


  • Fix Problem in which NM5 was creating Virtualized Registry keys in Windows 7/8, then when actual non-virtualized registration was done it would not work until the virtualized keys were deleted in REGEDIT
  • Fix Problem could not web-connect to NM support website if multiple browsers installed on Windows 8


  • Fix Dayparts RunTime Error 6160...Data Access error...create duplicates when Assigning Rulesets to Hours is [Setup[Rules]


  • Fix data import. If user created copies of songs in NM5 to put in different categories and reimported data from automation those copies were deleted if they select "Delete songs not found" during import
  • Add PlayTime filter for APRA report


  • Add log reconcilation for automation systems: Rivendell, Googla GRA, Wide Orbit
  • Fix Printing only 1 copy regardless of how many copies selected on Print Selection screen in Windows 7 /8


  • Fix RunTime Error 6160...Data Access error...create duplicates when Assigning Rule-sets to Hours is [Setup[Rules]
  • Fix Incorrect Assignment of clocks to hours if a DAY is clicked in the assignment grid, was not selecting correct day


  • Fix Installer to properly install SAMPLE Database when using PRE-XP and POST-XP windows


  • Fix Automation ON and OFF in log conversion to not be case-sensitive


  • Add BURN Daily shuffle
  • Fix Registartion to enable the SerialNumber box
  • Fix MediaTouch log to properly turn automation log ON & OFF


  • Change SAVE location for ClipBoard.MDB to not be program files for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Support AV Scheduler ScheduleBuild reconcile for Audiovault
  • Add AVScheduler ScheduleBuild [IMP_Seletcor] to reinstate AVScheduler ORIGINAL ScheduleBuild import for Audiovault to match incorrect settings used by some customers


  • Fix AVScheduler ScheduleBuild import for Audiovault to match Specs
  • Fix Data Import to prtoperly convert EndTyoes [was having problem is lower-upper case didn;t match on fade,cold, etc]
  • Start using CHM help files for Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • Add ability to hide Reconciled logs from Available log list when opening logs for editing
  • Fix NexGen reconciliation to handle runtimes past midnight


  • Fix Error 53 File Not Found when backing up an NM5 database the first time which started in version 5.0.239


  • Fix Log edit screen error 380 invalid property value if log screen is minimized. Started in 5.0.239


  • add ability to export and import rulesets using CSV files
  • Fix Up/Down scrolling when dragging a song up or down beyond current display


  • Add ability resize Category Pane on Song Browser Screen
  • Add Memorized View Menu settings for Log Editor
  • Add Ability to manually restack categories from setup/categories
  • Fix display on high resolution monitor to properly fit screen for Clocks, Log Editor, and Song Browser


  • Fix Enco DAD log to properly execute DCL, Activate Smart chains, Autofill TARGET time, activate Backtime Branches
  • Fix Enco DAD log to properly set SOFT Branch
  • Fix Enco DAD log to properly set Backtime marker and Delay
  • Fix Endo DAD log to roperly convert negative HEX numbers to unsoigned decimal
  • Fix BSI reconcilation of LST aired log to properly exclude if Aired Status indicates an ERROR
  • Fix Enco DAD log to properly set AutoFill END, TIMED events CutNum=TIMED, TAMS events Drive:filename,Soft branch limit, Comment colors
  • Fix day Increment +0 to work in SmartChain for Enco DAD


  • Add OTSAVDJ Automation log


  • Add Music category control for Minimum Rest
  • Fix History grid was not showing minutes for 2nd Artist plays or BOTH artist plays


  • Prevent shuffle or spread-artists on CountDown categories
  • Fix issue with songs not properly rotating if they are in countdown Catgeory AND in rteguslar category. Might never play or play too much from regular category depending on their countdown rank.

5.0.228    Released: 09/08/11

  • Fixed HMTL convertor lockup when title or artist includes opening { but no closing }
  • Fix import auto-delete songs not found in import file for SS32 and RDS to NOT delete songs in categories not included in import file
  • Fixed HMTL convertor to properly convert HMTL reserved characters
  • Fix BSI import to restore ability to select Genres to import. Was removed at some point.
  • Add Dinesat automation log export

5.0.227    Released: 06/22/11

  • Add Skylla automation
  • Add ? as valid wildcard category for artist block secondary songs will select from any category with search-depth>0


  • Add ability to save multiple import filters and allow auto-delete of unmatched songs from all import filters
  • Fix syntax error 3075 in query if filterfield is selected but filtertype is memorized as blank in Song Browser


  • Add LIN to Av Scheduler Build
  • Fix log automation error counter to reset to 0 after each conversion. Was accumulating errors after each conversion.
  • Add ability to auto-delete songs not found in import file from ALL automation systems
  • Add capability for date-restricted consultant licensing

5.0.224    Released: 02/24/11

  • Fix Enco Multi-Library data import&Enco Drive:Library entry box was disappearing when you clicked on a "Group"

5.0.223    Released: 01/12/11

  • Add more date/time formats: [yy] [yyyy] [mm] [nn]

5.0.222    Released: 11/17/10

  • Fix MinAvg and MaxAvg separation tests to properly compute the minimum preferred violation based on a rolling average. was exiting early before computing all combinations of averages.
  • Fix Error 13 during NM-Dos clock import

5.0.221    Released: 10/01/10

  • Fix MinSep rule to stop undercounting separation by 1 song. It was counting the tested slot it so always settled for 1 too few songs separation.
  • Fix Report export, was exporting to XML file if Plain Text was selected.

5.0.220    Released: 09/28/10

  • Fix AvAir reconcilation to consider 14 cvharacters insetad of only 8
  • Fix Song History display grid. Was overwriting artist play [different song] time in same hour even if song itself played
  • stop "invalid use of null" error if attempt to edit after inserting blank line in Log Editor
  • Fix TMCentury import to properly impot artists...was showing all missing artists

5.0.219    Released: 08/05/10

  • Fix ForcePageBreaks in LogPrint to properly print song if they put [PageBreak] on same line as a song in clock
  • Remove the "brackets" test from the text box testing

5.0.218    Released: 05/28/10

  • Fix Error in Music category Setup, incorrectly saying you need to chnage from CountDown category to change UseRules
  • Fix ? as a valid sync code for Scott Studios SS32 was not working

5.0.217    Released: 05/21/10

  • Fix drag-and-drop alternate song would not actually drop onto and replace another song in log editor after version 5.0.216

5.0.216    Released: 05/19/10

  • Fix drag-and-drop alternate song onto log topush down text commans rather than overwrite them
  • Add CountDownRank field and CountDown show generation to log
  • Fix Data Import to remember filter name if SAVED filter is clicked
  • Fix RuleSet display of assigned hours was cutting off 10P & 11P

5.0.215    Released: 05/13/10

  • add ability to Re-Stack a Category
  • Add WeekNum and DayNum_S and WeekNum_S as possible date formt convertors for clocks
  • Fix Maestro DMP file import to not lock up
  • Add RecLabel import field from Simian

5.0.214    Released: 03/08/10

  • Add song version separation
  • Fix No Current Record error when setting defualt clock grid in Clocks setup if no default had ever been
  • Fix Data Import Issue if using SAVED filter, and a field is listed more than once, second time with no column setting, it imports blank for that field rather than ignoring the second field listing with blank column. Started in v5.0.203
  • Fix Log Print error 5 Illegal function

5.0.213    Released: 12/11/09

  • Fix problem started in 5.0.210 duplicating songs imported from BSI Simian/WaveStation

5.0.212    Released: 11/05/09

  • Add Public-Interactive Playlist logs for streaming reports

5.0.211    Released: 10/23/09

  • Fix Data Import to stop creating many bogus categories when importing from a delimited file started in V5.0.210

5.0.210    Released: 10/20/09

  • Fix Enco Multi-Library text line convertor to properly parse the CutLib and CutNum

5.0.209    Released: 10/20/09

  • Add Multi-Library ability in Enco DADPro log and data import
  • Fix the Log filter to properly filter by Artist, was giving SQL error message

5.0.208    Released: 10/06/09

  • add ability to Filter the log print so it can be exported without certain categories Fix the Log filter to properly filter by Artist, was giving SQL error message
  • Fix problem with logedit swap-song artist and also-protect testing erroneously reported a problem with a swapped song in its original slot
  • Add Multi-Library ability in Enco DADPro log and data import
  • add ability to filter Log printout
  • fix problem with log printout if you HIDE automation commands, any SONGS with & commands were also hidden

5.0.207    Released: 09/18/09

  • Fix loss of category in data import from Spotdata.asc file

5.0.206    Released: 06/18/09

  • Handled Error 13 Type Mismatch in AXS 1/2 log conversion if someone puts an alpha character in the fadelength field for AXS
  • Fix "AccountExec = NM5 Category,Gender,Tempo..." data import to stop blanking out all fields

5.0.205    Released: 05/19/09

  • Add ability to import Simian CATEGORY as NM5 Music Category

5.0.204    Released: 03/31/09

  • Fix Error 3078 cannot find input table or query "Audio1" when imporitng form another NM5 database started in v5.0.200
  • Fix issue in which songs not import properly when using position dependent or delimted files if you use anyhting on the "Additonal fields" tab and leave it displayed
  • Fix issue with importing with user-defined-columns from MediaTouch
  • Fix errors in data import causing some music categories to be duplicated

5.0.201    Released: 03/09/09

  • Fix WaveStation/Simian Import to stop duplicating NM5 music categories when using AccountExec= when importing
  • Fix Log stats report to stop error 3075 when running the report by "Source"
  • Add warning if no violation points set for artist or rule
  • Add [LMS] and [BRK] as valid commands for "Audiovault Av-Air Schedule Build" log output

5.0.198    Released: 02/06/09

  • Fix Data import from EZ Broadcaster/Automate, & Raguda to properly set the folder to look in, was not importing any new songs
  • Fix Error 6 when trying to sort song browser by Source if the Source number is too large

5.0.196    Released: 10/15/08

  • Fix MediaTouch data import. Starting version 5.0.194 it was not importing any songs even though it reported it did.
  • Fix problem in song editor when deleting song from editor screen it would not immediately delete song entry from the browser screen. Then error "record is deleted" would occur if you clicked same song again.

5.0.194    Released: 02/08/08

  • Implement new SoundExchange report-of-use file specs to reflect the Jan 10 2007 specs
  • Add log reconciliation for NexGen
  • Fix AudioVault AV-Air log reconcile to not count items with invalid status as running
  • Fix Media-Touch log reconciliation to read multiple .OUT log file formats and to properly consider Run_Duration versus Sched_Duration if Media-Touch Play_Status is "Killed"
  • Fix error that will not allow user to assign packet to a category when creating or editing packet under some conditions
  • Add ability to auto-recycle hours as [ReCycleHour] -# in clock
  • Fix data import to bring in additional fields and properly name the categories
  • Starting in v5.0.185, was not recognizing the [PageBreak] command when printing.
  • Fix error "No current record" when refreshing song data in logs in some NM5 databases
  • Fixed: When using [View Song Data] from log if the song was deleted it would give "NO current record" error.
  • Fix Format Analysis to properly print...since v5.0.184 was printing a blank grid even though on-screen display was correct
  • Fix error in HTML file converter that would EXCLUDE some single-character Categories if there were 2-character excluded Categories that contained the single-character Cat ID

5.0.185    Released: 12/06/07

  • NM5 was not asking to display Automation error log when non fatal errors occurred during creation of Automation Log
  • Add End-Type D as valid for COM-DALIVE events when using Scott Studios
  • Fix Error causing log times out-of-order when recycling hours if the recycled hours are in same day and there are no events after the recycled events
  • Fix Windows Default Printer was being changed by the NM5 Print Dialog box
  • Add remember last startup Window State and position for main NM5 screen

5.0.182    Released: 07/05/06

  • Fix "Invalid use of null" when assigning a song to category if it was never played started at v8.0.181
  • LogNew to properly turn off ArtistBlock artsist separation testing when ArtistBlock UseRules is set to "No Artist Rules"
  • Fix MDB type log reconciliation not being remembered when selected for Simian
  • MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN in Log-Editor
  • Put the songs in CategoryStack by last played chronological order when moving between categories
  • Fix Error 383 "text box is read only"
  • Fix LISTEN to properly save the Source field on SongEdit screen

5.0.179    Released: 03/06/06

  • Fix "Error 13 Type Mismatch" when trying to convert a music log to automation log from NM5 music editor screen ONLY when that copy of NM5 is unregistered and running in evaluation mode. This error was introduced in version 5.0.178.

5.0.178    Released: 07/20/05

  • Fix "Error in frmLogEdit_SetSongHistory Error 3020 Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit" when editing some logs.
  • Fix Error when creating new clock assignment grid...

5.0.177    Released: 07/05/05

  • Fix Data import for Halland Pick List to properly import lengths
  • Add Maestro Music Import
  • Fix error in 5.0.176 causing swapped log lines to not stay highlighted.

5.0.176    Released: 04/27/05

  • Fix Log Editor to properly display Runtimes when opening a new log and Runtime view is selected.
  • Expand Artist Separation to allow up to 999 hours minimum separation instead of old 24 hour limit for artist separation rule

5.0.175    Released: 04/02/05

  • Fix Error 5, Illegal function call when adding a new song
  • Fix Sorting error in song browser when you click a column header was not using 2nd / 3rd sort boxes

5.0.170    Released: 03/07/05

  • Fix "Error 13 Type Mismatch" when running some date-range restricted reports [such as performance rights reports] due to NM5 misinterpreting some non-US date formats [such as Icelandic].

5.0.169    Released: 12/21/04

  • Fix Error in [Setup][Music Categories] in which all songs are displayed if you select "UnCategorized" songs and click [Songs].

5.0.168    Released: 12/15/04

  • Add ability to open the song data file directly from log editor screen
  • Fix "error in sub ReadClocks" error 3163 during data conversion from NMDos when clock file is corrupted
  • Fix data import for RDS Phantom CartData.txt file to not reimport songs already in Nm5 database

5.0.167    Released: 12/09/04

  • Fix Error 3021 "No current record" when you double-slick an empty music log
  • Fix error 3421 "Data type conversion error" when re-opening a log that has been edited after hours have been recycled, then the recycled hours have been edited
  • Add data import for RDS Phantom CartData.txt file

5.0.165    Released: 10/21/04

  • Fix problem with some XP print drivers in which header and first line of report page is correct size then font becomes very small until 2nd page, then normal again
  • Set default orientation on print dialog box to orientation saved with report settings

5.0.164    Released: 10/05/04

  • Fix Artist test in Log Editor not to test against same song when swapping songs on log

5.0.163    Released: 09/25/04

  • Fix "undo move" to restore a song to the log line it was originally on instead of incorrectly putting it back 1 line too high
  • Fix Artist testing during log editor swaps to properly test each song at its new swapped location.

5.0.162    Released: 09/21/04

  • Fix error in Log Editor that did not put a deleted song back at the bottom of the category stack if it was un-deleted.

5.0.161    Released: 09/20/04

  • Add ability to exclude categories from No-Repeat-Zone under [Setup][Music Categories] so categories such as jingles, liners etc. can be allowed to repeat even if music categories are prohibited from repeating in a No-Repeat-Zone.
  • Added ? as a valid Sync Code for Scott Studios SS32 automation
  • Fix intermittent "RunTime Error 91 Object Variable or with block variable not set" when generating several logs without exiting NM5.
  • Changed the No-Repeat-Zone to no longer use Rules to create a No-repeat-Zone. Instead NM5 now has a No-Repeat-Zone grid in which you can more easily set up No-Repeat-Zones. WARNING: If using the old No-Repeat-Zone Rules you must delete them for all Rulesets under [Setup][Rules] and reenter the No-Repeat-Zone in the new No-Repeat grid under [Setup][No-Repeat-Zone].

5.0.160    Released: 08/19/04

  • Fix Report advanced filtering. 4th filter line was being ignored.
  • Fix data import for TMCentury to read latest version of the cutlist export file


  • Fix Data Import from Raduga playback system. Was locking up on data import from audio cuts.

5.0.158    Released: 05/28/04

  • Add ability to preset sort fields on song browser screen.

5.0.157    Released: 05/19/04

  • Fix "Error 3024 cannot find file ".when the database filename contains a . like 102.9 when trying to Compact or Repair database
  • Fix error in which log is not reconciled when BSI Simian Pipe-Delimited automation type is selected
  • Fix error in MediaTouch output log to make music record
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