Radio Traffic/Logging/Billing
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Radio Traffic/Logging/Billing
for small webcasters/LPFM
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Music Scheduling/Reporting
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We are pleased to offer the Optional
e-Order web-based module
for Natural Log 9.

  • Web-based system for on-the-go Account Reps
  • Compatible with any internet-connected device.
  • Compose and digitally submit Natural Log orders from anywhere Account Reps have internet service
  • Traffic director can easily review and accept or reject orders submitted through e-Order, and automatically notify Account Reps
  • eMail PDF confirmations from any internet-connected device
  • Account reps in the field have instant access to order confirmations, projected billing and unpaid balances
Try for free for 30 days! Call for pricing!

Activating and Using e-Order



Natural log and Natural Music both can be easily operated from home [or any remote location with internet access] using products such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer, or any other remote desktop system such as Microsoft Remote Desktop.

NOTE: Using these remote desktop systems, you don't need to install Natural Log / Natural Music on your 'work-from-home' computer. You use AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or other remote access system to log into your work computer from home and use the Natural Log or Natural Music software already installed on your work computer.

TeamViewer and AnyDesk are both free for personal use, and have a free trial period for business use. Even if you require the business version, these are not expensive products. Microsoft Remote Desktop is free and included in Windows but some technical knowledge may be necessary to set up Microsoft Remote Desktop. These products may be downloaded from and Both are easy to download and install. We use both products in our support department. Please contact us at 210-349-5808 with any questions.

Rest assured that our support personnel will continue to be available regular business hours 8AM-5PM, Mon-Fri throughout this unusual event.

Our goal is to provide the best value in Traffic/Logging/Billing and Music-Scheduling software for broadcasters. We don't try to be the cheapest nor do we have the fanciest bells-and-whistles used by only a handful of users. But our affordable systems do have the features needed by most broadcasters, including many advanced features found in systems costing 5 to 10 times more.

Download the demo versions, try them, and you'll agree our systems have the most power-per-dollar on the market.

Log export modules for most popular computerized automation systems are included at no extra cost. Note: A few automation vendors require purchase of a separate import module from them to handle external traffic and music logs. Check with your automation vendor if in doubt.

Since 1991, Natural Broadcast Systems Has Offered The Best Value In Low-Cost Traffic, Logging, Billing And Music Scheduling Software.

Our Natural Log and Natural Music software are:
  • Reliable
  • Compatible with Most Radio Automation
  • Widely Used
  • Easy to Learn
  • Affordable
There are no monthly license fees or support contracts!


Take advantage of our free trial period!
Download now, and you will agree that our systems have the most power-per-dollar on the market! The demos are fully functioning, and there is no obligation to purchase.


Save a phone call!
Check our FAQ and support page!

Based on initial testing, we have found no issues with running Natural Music 5, Natural Log 8 or Natural Log 9 on Windows 11.
Natural Log 9 supports locally installed 32 bit versions of Outlook and Thunderbird.

Telephone support hours:
Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm USA Central

Telephone support line:

Many support questions can be answered via our FAQ and
Training Videos.

Email support

Purchase of the software includes one year of telephone support.


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