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       Natural Log 9 Updates

Natural Log 9 for Windows Updates

Users of 64 bit Operating Systems: Please note that updates will need to be done via the full installer which can be found at this link.
You will need to save the file to your local drive and run twice. The first time the installation program will ask if you want to Repair, Modify or Remove. Select Remove. The second time the installer will install the fully updated program files. Patches are not compatible with the 64 bit operating systems.

All other users can download and install the update patch under #2 below.

Latest NL9 version is version 9.0.2

1. To load these patches to fix any known problems with Natural Log for Windows you must have ALREADY installed Natural Log for Windows version 8.0 or later.

>>> Click here to download nl8update247.exe
Save the file to your local hard drive. Do NOT attempt to open it across the Internet.

3. After the file downloads, you must exit Natural Log 9 and then run the downloaded nl9update2.exe from your hard drive.

4. After the update installer finishes, restart Natural Log and click [Help][About] to verify that you now have version 9.0.2

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